Virtual-Meditation.Com $15 Gift Purchase 

Trying to decide what to get someone for their birthday or another special occasion?  Why not give them a Membership to Virtual-Meditation.Com.

*Please note: If the person you purchase this Membership for is not happy with this Gift you will be fully refunded.

  • Virtual-Meditation.Com offers its members a wonderful opportunity to become part of a growing global community dedicated to spiritual personal growth and to the spiritual awakening of the planet.
  • If you are already a member of Virtual-Meditation.Com this is also a great opportunity for you to invite others to join you in all the special features that Membership to Virtual-Meditation.Com provides.

Purchase Your $15 Gift, Virtual-Meditation.Com Membership, Here & Now 

After purchasing a Virtual-Meditation.Com membership for someone, it is recommended that you send an email to this person letting them know that they will be receiving an email from Virtual-Meditation.Com with their registration information.  This will let them know that this email is coming and that it is not spam.  The following email will be sent to the person you identify on the purchase form.

[Your Name] has just purchased a Membership to Virtual-Meditation.Com for you.  Please click, Virtual-Meditation.Com or enter in your web browser for more information.  To enter the Members' Only areas of Virtual-Meditation.Com simply enter your email address [email address] to Login.  Your temporary password is [password].  After you have logged in you can change your password and update your contact information by clicking ‘My Account' in the Customer Information box in the Gateway.  If, after visiting Virtual-Meditation.Com, you decide that membership to this Site is not for you please notify John Fraser Services Inc. within 2 weeks and a full refund will be provided to the person who purchased this membership for you.

Be More Do Less

Be More Do Less

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