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Acropolis Ruins on the island of Rhodes, Greece

Acropolis ruins on the island of Rhodes (Greece) 
Click on the Image above to enter the Celestial Sanctum.

Virtual-Meditation.Com - Gateway To Enlightenment

Virtual-Meditation.Com - Gateway To Enlightenment

Celestial - Pertaining to the Spiritual or Invisible Heaven

Sanctum - A Sacred or Holy Place

The Gateway is meant to serve as a Virtual Portal to the Celestial Sanctum, as well as the access point for Inner Peace and Enlightenment Inspirations.  In this respect, the Gateway is the Outer Chamber of the Celestial Sanctum.  It is meant to be a place for you to pause and prepare yourself before entering the Celestial Sanctum.  You can do this by taking a few moments to still your thoughts and enter into a spiritual frame of mind.  Some additional techniques and / or suggestions for assisting you with quieting your mind can be found by clicking Inner Peace.   

When you enter the Celestial Sanctum there will be an image of a single candle burning in the center of your screen.  This flame symbolizes the Cosmic Consciousness that unites us all and gently nudges us forward towards Spiritual Enlightenment.  After entering the Celestial Sanctum you can focus on the candle to help still your mind or you can close your eyes, knowing that you are Spiritually Connected with everyone currently visiting the Sanctum.  You can spend as long as you like in the Celestial Sanctum. The only request is that you be ‘Present' when visiting the Celestial Sanctum.  In this respect, the Celestial Sanctum is meant to be a place to express your Inner Beingness in the spirit of service or to receive such things as Spiritual Healing, Abundance, or Guidance.  Please do not leave this webpage open if you are not actively participating in some way.  When you are done with your session you are kindly requested to exit the Celestial Sanctum in respect of the sacredness of this space.

After entering the Celestial Sanctum you have the option of choosing from a variety of music selections located at the bottom of the Sanctum page.  A brief description of each music selection as well as the play length of the selection is provided.  After listening to a selection you can click on another selection or you can simply continue to dwell in silence.  You also have the option of choosing some of your own favourite selections playing on your own personal device.  Of course, you can also enter the Celestial Sanctum in complete Silence. 

The following instructions and guidelines for entering the Celestial Sanctum are only meant as suggestions.  If you have your own personal system or preference that works for you by all means follow your own path into the Celestial Sanctum. 

For more suggestions or techniques to help you get the best results from the Celestial Sanctum click on Inner Peace.

Be More Do Less

Be More Do Less

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